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To facilitate Philippine economic growth through infrastructure development by providing premium steel products pioneered by innovative manufacturing technology.


To become the world’s premier manufacturing company of high quality and durable construction steel products partnered with exceptional customer service.

What We Offer

Competitive Price

Premium Products

Exceptional Service

Chioson Development Corporation is a Steel Manufacturing Company who manufactures and market steel products throughout the Philippines. We aim for quality, sustainability, and durability in manufacturing steel. We continuously innovate and adapt to new technology in order to become globally competitive with the market. We strive for excellence in order to deliver high quality products and achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Our Values

Customer Commitment

Forging relationships with our customers to build TRUST, RESPECT and CONFIDENCE.


Going above and beyond to deliver great service and manufacture quality products.


Acknowledging and acting with responsibility on the actions, product and decisions of the company and its employees.


Ensuring product quality is at its best by meeting ISO standards.


Acting with honesty and prestige without compromising the truth.


The greatest strength of our company lies in the competence, passion and collaboration of our team.


Doing whatever it takes to get the job done.